Problem: Jacob spends more time online than he does living in the real world.

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Problem: Ruby’s favorite online videos are surrounded by suggestions with inappropriate content.

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The internet is a vast and sometimes scary place. Don’t send your kids out there alone.

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Our solution

Netpure™ is the child safe internet

Kids need the internet, but not everything on it. netpure™ gives parents the ability to restrict content based on their child’s needs. Block content, manage screen time, and stay informed with netpure™ alerts.

How It Works

Simply plug netpure™ into your router and turn it on. Kids have a safe connection to surf the web, while adults can continue using an unrestricted network.

Parental Peace of Mind

With netpure™ parents can restrict access to irrelevant information and protect all of their children's devices.

Set up categories to manage content instead of configuring endless apps and websites

Setting a Sleepy Time schedule lets you control your kids' screen time

Manage blocked sites, access requests and more with netpure™ alerts

Why Us?

We’ve done internet security for the FBI, Pentagon, and Dell.

We can absolutely protect your home.


We have 20 years of experience delivering internet security systems to The FBI, The Pentagon and The NAVY SEALS and now we are protecting children with it.

Blocks Predators

We don't just manage time and content, we block avenues for potentially dangerous connections.


Your security is managed in your home and not on our servers to keep your privacy in order.


With netpure™, content is guilty until certified innocent. Other products only block what they have decided is bad, leaving millions of sites uncategorized and accessible.

Who Else Loves netpure™

“I really believe that there is a social responsibility to this product and it adds value and consumers will like it.”

CNBC's “The Profit” Marcus Lemonis

“If you want to protect your child, Netpure™ is a great product.”

Alan Taylor, Inc Magazine & Inc Radio

Features, partners, and clients

More netpure™ Features


Be alerted of any alarming online behavior that needs your parental attention.

Monthly data analytics of family activity

Receive informed reports about your family activity on a regular basis.

Parent network remains the same

Children use netpure™ and adults keep using the same network they always have used.

See what devices are connected

See what devices are connected to netpure™ at any given time right from your phone or laptop.

Education Articles

netpure™ keeps you up to date with the digital world as it evolves so you can make informed decisions.

Learning Time

Restrict internet to only educational content while the kids are doing their homework with "Learning Time".

Sleepy Time

Ensure kids are sleeping and not using the network by setting a Sleepy Time schedule.

Simple notifications on your watch, smart phone or email

Receive simple notifications on your phone, email, text, or smart watch.

Manage Exceptions

Need an exception to a blocked category? No problem. You can also add an exception to an allowed category!

Customize allowable content categories and sites

The categories your children are able to access are completely customizable and up to you, the parent.

Forced Safe Search for Google and YouTube

YouTube and Google are the primary tools children use to explore the internet. We turn "Safe Search" on so that only child safe results will be displayed.

Pause the internet with “Time Out”

The American Pediatric Association recommends two hours a day of screen time for children. No matter what you decide is a good number for your home, netpure™ has you covered. At the touch of a button you can put the the children's internet usage on "TIME OUT." Great for distraction-less meals and encouraging outdoor activity.

netpure™ is compatible with any Wi-Fi enabled device